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Tasmania's repeater photographs

Mt Arthur panoramas - 21st December 2014.
NOTE: they are too big for your browser, typically 7168 2332 pixels. Right-mouse-click and DOWNLOAD before viewing.
When viewing at home, zoom in to maximum and then scroll around.

Here is an 860 pixel wide version of pano-2, the full-size download below is 10 times the width:

VK7RAB Mt Arthur repeater site

<pano-1> CB Repeater site, closeup, 5.9MB
<pano-2> CB Repeater site, mid-view, 8.3MB
<pano-3> Forestry site from Christian Broadcasting, 9.7MB
<pano-4> VK7RAB second from the left, 7.5MB

Here is an HF APRS track made by VK7JJ in rough terrain near Alice Springs. Click the image for more detail:
VK7JJ 4WD truck near Alice Springs

The photos below are hosted on Facebook as <VK7 Repeaters>, contact Hayden VK7HH to contribute or for more information.

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