Local Nets - Tasmania

The Sewing Circle Net

• 5 pm daily local time, on 3.640MHz

The Sewing Circle net is one of the oldest continuous running HF nets in Australia.
It is currently hosted by Cedric VK7CL and brings together a diversity of well known individuals for a good chat from around the State and from across the water. Newcomers are always welcome to drop in and say hello.
Members and listeners meet anually at Ross in central Tasmania for the Meet The Voice bbq, details at the link below.

<Meet the Voice>


The Bottle Shop Net

• 8.00 pm most week nights, on 3.590MHz

The Bottle Shop Net was formed in recognition of the large number of older valve radios still in use around Australia.
The Bottle Shop Net is usually hosted by Gavin VK7VTX and Barry VK3MBW in Lara, Victoria.

Most amateurs know that a "bottle" is a reference to the glass thermionic vacuum tubes that formed the basis of radios before the development of solid state devices. Valves are still in relatively common use today in high power amplifiers both HF and VHF.

Older solid state radios are also welcome on the net and in order to be better fit in they are referred to as "stubbies" (thank you Gavin).

Everyone interested in firing up an older radio is more than welcome to join in the fun and chat and swap tales of the radios being used; there is a buy-swap-or-sell session before the 9.00pm close of the net.

The Central Highlands Amateur Radio Club Net

• 8.00 pm Thursday evenings local time, on 3.585 MHz

The Central Highlands ARC is a social group with members in VK7 and VK3 who regularly meet together in the Tasmanian Central Highlands, as well as chat on the air. Check out the CHARC club page for further details.

<CHARC club page>

Awards - Tasmania

The Tassie Devil Award

The Tassie Trout Award

The Athol Johnston Contest

The southern Tasmanian club's REAST web site has full details on all of Tasmania's awards.