VK7RAA - Mt Barrow repeater - live audio stream

The audio stream is experimental and subject to mucking around by VK7JJ.

Mostly it is switched to VK7RAA Mt Arthur but occasionaly for testing or entertainment the receiver is tuned to an HF or broadcast frequency.

If the sound control doesn't display properly in your browser try a direct link: <Click To Tune In>
Depending on your computer and browser you may require a plugin. For Macintosh try <VLC>.

The stream plays directly on iPhone and Android mobile devices, just click the link in a browser.

Because internet radio applications use the same m3u stream format you can copy and paste the URL into your favourite streaming radio app: http://listen.ntarc.net:8000/listen.m3u

The current streaming setup is a Mac Powerbook running Nicecast from an historic IC-02A and a discone.


IC02A discone