Club Location

NTARC has it's own private Club Rooms here.

The club house has easy parking, a cosy fire, a great kitchen and of course ... a radio shack.

Postal address   PO Box 275 Launceston Tas 7250

Club Office Holders

President   Idris Rees VK7ZIR

Vice President   Peter Dodd VK7KPC

Secretary   Yvonne Maxwell VK7FYMX

Treasurer   Andre Bochenek VK7ZAB

Committee Member   Roslyn Richards

Club Appointments

Public Officer   Bill Maxwell VK7MX  

Internal Auditor   Roger Nichols VK7ARN  

Club Activity Leaders

Education   Peter Dowde VK7PD

Repeater officer   Tony Eagling VK7YBG

Assistant Repeater officer   Paul Alting VK7KPA

Mt Arthur Project Manager   David Jones VK7JD

Southern Repeaters   Hayden VK7HH

Safety Communications Coordinator   Norm Thorley VK7KTN

QSL Manager   Kevin Norris VK7HKN

JOTA Coordintor   Peter Dodd VK7KPC

Web site   Phil Barnard VK7JJ

Club Study Groups and Examinations

Study Groups

From time to time depending on demand, the club's Education Officer and helpers hold study groups in Launceston.

When members of a study group are ready an examination session is organised; this includes assisting people with their licence applications.

Examinations are supervised by local members and can involve mixed level licences, eg. Foundation and Standard can be conducted at the same time giving people a chance to tackle both at once.

Quite a number of interested wireless enthusiasts - young and old, male and female - have become licence holders over the last couple of years and are now active and enjoying the freedom to chat on the airwaves.

Contact the Education Officer via the email address listed above for further information.

Life Members

Brian Morgan VK7RR

Other Contacts

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